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We were on holiday in calahonda last week. Listened to your fab station everyday! Fab music.

Bill Michaelson

Hi, Carlos. Great show thanks. Just home after enjoying a day out shopping in Fuengirola.

Monica Rise

I love listening to Radio FM! Richie Rich´s breakfast gets me in a great mood on the way to work.

Tim Ross

Other radio stations in are extremely boring and predictable only playing soft music, you are different!

Tina Harding

On a vacation to Spain I accidentally came across this radio station and couldn't believe my ears, that`s great!

Roger Smith

Will send request tomorrow. Btw, love this tune and think that Sun Sea and Spectrum, great combination!

Rachel Bing

You're playing Duran Duran's goldies..? You're playing all the forgotten hits from my youth!...Oh, my god.

Kyle Daniels

They're playing old English hits I've never heard before and they sound great! Heaven on earth

Dominique White